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Current Location:kenneth's
Subject:wow. havent been here in a while...
Time:04:03 pm
Current Mood:dirtystinky
to this particular site in cyberspace, or to this city for that matter.

i wanted to make a post to let the whos who know whats up. due to the swine flu i thought it prudent to cross the border after yesterdays announcement about school closures, before either government decided to make a similar announcement regarding the border. so here i am. i got on a bus last night and arrived in san antonio 17hrs later. im staying with my cousin and he has promised me the use of his car while hes at work. i think the plan is to mosie on up to austin friday after hes done at the office. i would then be available to socialize saturday after my interview, all day sunday, and then until i leave monday afternoon. that is, all depending on the flu pandemic and if i will have school / be able to get back. btw, i have a new number 210.385.5866 i still have several numbers. but honestly, wont it be easier if you just call me?
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Current Location:331 E Lulwood Apt 1
Subject:well, i made it
Time:11:38 am
Current Mood:contentcontent
i got into town late yesterday afternoon, after a harrowing trip from the border. i actually got to the greyhound station on the US side at around 10am, where i ended up waiting with about 30 other suckers in a line that went nowhere for two hours. at around 12pm/12:30, after having been ignored the entire time by the bus terminal staff, i and several other people decided we needed to get to san antonio, with or with out the greyhound. so i threw down 30 bones for my share of the rental fee, and gas to get the seven of us to town in a mini-van. the first two guys had a plane to catch at 3:30 and we pulled into the airport at 2:30, exactly, with tires squealing. there, three people got out; the two who had the plane to catch and a trinity alum, class of 2000, who was getting picked up by some friends who live near the airport. the second stop on my journey was to the doctor's office. the woman who did the actual renting, and returning to laredo, of the van has to come to san antonio every month because her daughter has lupus and this is the closest pediatric specialist. so, i sat in the doctors office, dr. cole is located near alamo heights right behind the starbucks, and chatted with passenger number seven, an abuelita from nuevo laredo trying to get to austin to see her son, for about an hour while we waited for the mother and her daughter to finish up. finally at around 4pm, just shy of 24hrs total travel time, i got dropped off at sara and davids apt here on the corner of shook and lulwood. the best part of the whole story, well best two parts, is a) the fact that i had to drive, which i hadnt done since christmas, since i was the "most familiar" with san antonio, and b) the fact that part of the reason i was looking forward to coming was people speaking english here, in the united states. however, everyone, from the border patrol to the greyhound employees to the six strangers in the minivan, spoke only spanish and while id been in the country for a good 7hrs i didnt get to speak any english until i got here to david and saras. having said all of that, i did make it safely. unfortunately, i have no mode of transportation for my time here and no cellphone. i would love to see everyone that i can, but i can say almost certainly that i will not be able to get to austin/houston/dallas on this trip (sorry low, skm, sigga). so lets do what we can (if any of the aforementioned people can make it here, please do), ill be here until friday morning, and if things dont work out i will be back very soon, in november to vote, with my time exclusively devoted to those that read this journal.
vlaurog, t, and anyone else here in san antonio, the plan for today is pint nite at broadway 50/50 and id love to see you all there. i dont know what kind of time you all have this week, but im just here hangin out so if yall have any ideas for fun and or debauchery let me know and ill be there (with a little help regarding to a ride). holla back...
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Current Music:orishas
Current Location:estudio andrea flores
Time:11:41 am
its official, ill be in south texas the beginning of next week. i just opened the go ahead email from my boss. vlaurog, is there anyway i could crash at your place? will you be moving, or is that next month?
the only hang up is the fact that i left the charger for my US cell phone at bens house back in feb, so im not sure how much juice ive got to make calls when i get in. however as my good friend t-rex once opined, im not worried.
i think thats it, im leaving sunday night which should put me in town monday evening. ill keep everyone as updated as possible.
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Current Music:sade, i think. not my ipod.
Current Location:estudio andrea flores
Subject:geek love
Time:03:00 pm
Current Mood:sickhung over
im reading this INSANE book right now, called "geek love", by katherine dunn. its about a family of circus freaks, specailly bred that way by their parents (the mom is a wicked druggy, a sacrifice she has made for the family) to keep from losing the circus. its a great read, if you feel like you could stomach it. it deals with a fairly large range of issues, including reverse discrimination (for being normal, or not freaky enough), incest, sado/masochism, and megalomania, to paint things in the broadest strokes possible.
besides the above, things are fairly normal. ive been spending lots of time with carlos, eating together a couple/three times a week, and working on what ever job hes got on the weekends.
every thursday night is karaoke with the crew from the gallery so fridays, like today, i usually feel like hell. i actually think i made myself sick, not hung over, like i have a fever.
i called in sick today for my last day with the kids. oops? no, me vale madres. it was the same this time, just like every other time, more trouble than its worth to give private lessons.
i will be full time at the gallery all next week however, including saturday (ugh), and im a little worried about going nuts. believe it or not its not the most thrilling job, but i enjoy it.
this weekend is the expresionencorto, short-film festival. im going to try to catch mad movies and carlos and i are going to the gallery where a mutual friend of a friend works, for an inauguration and a bunch of corto metrajes on sexual identity and expression. should be cool.
katia thinks shell be back right before my birthday, in a couple of weeks, but i have cuaji-Mo(Mo)-loyas to keep my company. poor bugger got his bolitas cut off on monday, and im just waiting for him to blow up like a balloon from eating through the depression that im sure hes got. wouldnt you be upset?
i think thats it, except that im planning a visit back in early november to vote. im still registered, as far as i know, in bexar county which means a visit to the gym across the street from the deaf school near tu. is there someone i could have my mom mail my voter's registration card to, when the time comes?
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Current Music:loungeish stuff from the ipod
Current Location:the gallery of andrea flores
Subject:first day of my new jobs
Time:02:20 pm
Current Mood:hungryhungry
ay yai yai, where to begin?
things have been going well since my last update. its been a transition period, with just as many doors opening as closing.
as far as the end of schools concerned, things stayed crazy up to the very end. and while im being payed for the entire month of july when my job ended the last day of june, i did have to fight tooth and nail to get what was coming to me. this means that i had to spend several afternoons in the human rights office, and while the never got involved officially it was nice to be able to threaten my school that way.
so school ended a week ago today and right after work i went to the humane society and picked out a kitten. there were several black and whites which seemed a little older than what i wanted but there was one grey with sand and tiger like markings and another that was tiger style but all sandy colored. i had several criteria in mind, including gender and age but most importantly i wanted a cat that was going to be energetic. so even though i wanted a girl between six and eight weeks old i went for the sandy grey whos a boy and i think a little too young to be separated from the group environment of the shelter (he was brought in as a stray and i was worried about social issues like grooming and weening), but everything seems to be ok. in the week since i got him hes only ever used the litter box, hes learned how to clean himself, and stopped looking for nipples/suckling. i was thinking about the name tlaloc after the aztec god of rain since we got him during the rainy season but katia didnt go for it and so we settled on cuajimoloyas which is a pueblito in the sierras of oaxaca where we spent a week of spring break. so last week was getting everyone, the kitty included, settled into a new routine and katia left early saturday morning on the bus for her trip to las vegas for her and all of her girlfriend's joint thirtieth birthday bash and she'll be gone for about three weeks, back just in time for my birthday.
as far as working is concerned i have two jobs (the first is conversation classes, so to speak, with two kids from school and the second is selling paintings in a friend's gallery), and its nice to have an excuse to get out of the house and do something, and especially at the gallery i have an amazing social opportunity as many people ive met before but dont know very well work here. and as i said its the rainy season and with it being grey and cold and me living alone for the moment this is a nice way to keep from becoming too self involved, and by that i mean lonely.
i think thats it for now. ill have regular internet access here at the gallery and its not a very fast paced job so i should have a chance to communicate with more regularity. however, im about to sell my first painting so i should probably go...
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Current Location:computer lab, josé vasconcelos
Subject:now i know for sure
Time:12:39 pm
i was just told today that there will not be space for me to be a teacher here a vasconcelos next year. i figure that was the nicest way the administration could come up with to tell me they didnt want me back at all, knowing as they did that i would not continue in the same position that i have had this year. this is for the best, the decision to move on has been made for me. had they made me an offer i feel like i would have had a hard time turning it down in light of benefits and the social opportunities/connections the school provides, despite the lack of professionalism they have shown this year.

so, the plan from here on out is to finish the year here and try to get out of the school what i deserve as far as a severance bonus goes. i hope to be getting a baby kitty from the humane society by the end of the first week of july and id like to start a summer job asap. ive talked to a friend about working at her art gallery and the prospects are promising, it wouldnt be a whole lot of money but it would be enough to get by. her brother, whos working there now, is not doing a good job so chances are the job is mine, which would mean not having to rely on tutoring. other than those two things id like to be able to take around a week to nine days trip, providing i have the money. i have no idea when, where, or with whom i would go exactly but ill be considering all of those things and if anyone has ideas or the desire to join me feel free to let me know and we can start planning something.

thats it for now, ill post pictures of the kitty when he/she gets here. and feel free to post suggestions for names, ive been thinking about it a lot lately but im not sure mine are any good.
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Current Music:music from the desk of juan
Current Location:josé vasconcelos
Subject:I have a new job for next year!
Time:05:58 pm
Current Mood:giddygiddy
but shh. i havent told anyone here at vasconcelos yet, they left me hangin and i dont feel bad about doing the same to them. next year ill be teaching pre-school, montessori! it should be a fun new experience.

my family is coming and theyll be here for a week, im taking a couple of days off to spend time with them and, this is the best part, theyre flying into mexico city so we'll be spending a couple of days there. i love that city.

i think thats it. school will be over soon and ill have about 6 weeks of summer vacation. im sure that ill still be tutoring at least an hour a day, most likely at the public library but most of my american friends, including my room mate, will be in the good 'ol USofA, so itll just be me and carlos, the chileno for the most part. our birthdays are close together, even though our ages are not, and i think we are going to try to get some hongos for the occasion. hes never done them and its been long enough for me, so well see how things go.

i feel bad about neglecting cyber-space for so long, but honestly with out my own internet its hard to keep up with anything more than gmail so if your interested in whats really going on feel free to drop me a line.
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Current Location:escuela bilingüe josé vasconcelos
Time:04:14 pm
Current Mood:crazycrazy
not too much to report, but i figured ive been back home from my visit long enough that i should let everyone know that im still alive. well, i am. so i guess thats that.

otherwise things are going well. the cashiers check that i tried to deposit got rejected by bankofamerica and is currently on its way back here. god, i hope that banamex will still honor that, otherwise im out N$5,510.

katia and i hung out with kim, carlos, and the boys all weekend. we ended up at the water park on saturday and sunday morning kat and i made a lazaña to take over and eat that afternoon. this coming weekend is camping at school with the fouth grade and a bbq at a student's parent's house.

the time has come to look for jobs for next year. i turned in my letter of intent last monday, but god only knows if they will offer me what i want here at vasconcelos next year. ive updated my resumes, posted them on dave's esl cafe, and am in the process of visiting other bilingual schools here in san miguel. ill let you know how all of that goes.

oh, and theres an outbreak of rubella here at school. thats right, the german measles...
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Subject:baby sitting has its advantages
Time:08:58 pm
...like vonage phone. i tried to call, no one answered :(
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Current Location:school
Subject:im going to san antonio, san antonio here i come
Time:12:59 pm
thats right, one week from tomorrow i will be pulling into the greyhound station down town san antonio! ill be in town for a few days, longer than i would have at the end of december at any rate, so get ready. i also have some business to tend to in austin, and some VIPs to see as well.
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[icon] Anything Can Happen
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